Should my business be on Pinterest?

Imogen Davies

Social Media Expert
Should my business be on Pinterest?

When thinking about which social media platforms your business should join, your mind may automatically go to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. But there are other platforms out there that work in individual and unique ways that you can use to promote your business, often with less competition to cut through.

One such platform with huge potential for brand recognition is Pinterest - a content-focused social media platform established in 2010, with 430+ million monthly users active on the site. In comparison to other popular social media sites, Pinterest may have less monthly users but this means that your content has more potential for recognition and users may be able to find your business easier than on competitor sites. On Pinterest, users can “pin” images and videos to their own or others' boards, and browse what other users have pinned to add to their collections. This social networking site is a great way for users to share their interests and discover ways to connect with other like-minded people on the website.  

So what exactly are people using the platform for? Many users build collections of content to inspire their everyday life. From home decor, event planning such as birthday parties and weddings, to finding new recipes they’d like to try, this is to name just a few ways Pinterest users are finding value in the platform. There are currently over 5 billion boards on Pinterest, so there’s plenty of content to explore.

On Pinterest, forward-thinking innovative features are a common theme, with their own “Pinterest Lens” feature on the app letting you discover ideas inspired by anything your camera points at, as well as augmented reality filters allowing Pinners to try on products such as makeup brands.

Pinterest Lens

Who uses Pinterest?

Pinterest’s users primarily consist of a female audience, with 77.1% of users on the platform falling into this demographic. The average age of the female users on the platform is 40, however the actual majority of active pinners are below 40 years old - meaning that there is also a younger, active audience on the website also.

When joining Pinterest, it’s important to take this into consideration because the platform's demographic may differ from your target audience - as with all social platforms, it’s important that you make sure you’re joining Pinterest because have something to offer to the audience on the platform - in this case, generally women around the age of 40.

Pinterest insights

An introduction to using Pinterest

If you’re an entrepreneur or a small business owner thinking about signing up to Pinterest, consider joining as a business rather than a personal profile, this way you’ll be able to access Pinterest analytics and check insights for your company.

Pinterest for creators

Pinterest can be used to build a community of people who share similar interests to what you’re sharing online. As a creator on Pinterest, you can have access to the creator hub on the profile page in the Pinterest app, making it easy to access the latest creator news, monetisation opportunities - as well as check your analytics and more. 

Pinterest for merchants

If you’re selling a product and you’re looking for new customers, Pinterest could just be the missing puzzle piece to your social media strategy. Did you know that shoppers on Pinterest spend 2x more per month than users on other platforms? You can even “shop the look” on Pinterest using the collections pin. Pinterest is a great way to discover new products as it allows you to use catalogues and shopping ads to reach a wider audience across their website.

Pinterest for marketers

Pinterest can be used to build ad campaigns in similar ways to what you’re probably already aware of on other channels, such as awareness, consideration, and conversions campaign capabilities. Pinterest is another useful platform to consider as part of your overall paid marketing campaign on social media.

Content on Pinterest 

Now you’re aware of what the platform does and who uses it, you’re probably wondering what kind of content to share on Pinterest?

Visuals are key when creating content on Pinterest. For optimal performance of your content, it’s recommended that you create eye-catching images in a 2:3 aspect ratio across both images and video. Videos can range from 4 seconds long to 15 minutes long – with a maximum size of 2GB for upload.

Pintrest is an excellent way to promote your company's brand recognition and attract users who are likely to navigate to your website. Airbnb is a great example of this - their pins all have a coherent design that stands out alongside their website and own user interface. Keeping your pin designs similar to your current social media content and brand kit is a great way to use Pinterest to promote your business and become recognizable.

Airbnb on Pinterest

How do I make my pins stand out?

  • Keep it vertical: 85% of Pinterest users are mobile users, so your pins should be vertical with a 2:3 aspect ratio for best performance.
  • Give your pins a description and a catchy title: Ideally, these should reflect the visuals, your business, and make pinners want to engage with your profile.
  • Sneak in a logo: Going back to brand recognition, the more people see your logos on a pin - the more likely they are to begin recognising your account and engage with your Pinterest profile.
  • Link to your website: You can add your business’ website to your pin, to encourage users to click through to your website directly.
  • Pin consistently: As with any other social platform, the more you’re active on it, the more your engagement will grow and people will interact with you. Pinterest actively encourages its visitors to pin something at least once per day! 
  • Optimize your Pinterest for SEO: As Pinterest essentially works as a search engine for visual content, your pins should be optimized for SEO by following the steps above, as well as using tailored hashtags and keywords. After all, you should be treating the SEO for this platform as you would with any other website to make your content discoverable. 
  • Use Pinterest ads: As part of your business’ content strategy on Pinterest, you should consider using Pinterest ads to reach a specific audience. Pinterest ads allows you to target your audience by age, location, interest and specific keywords - making it easy to reach your target audience on the platform.

Should my business be on Pinterest?

As we’ve discussed, Pinterest can be an incredible way for businesses to achieve goals such as raising brand awareness and finding new users to engage with your brand. Remember that it’s not just your followers who will interact with your account and see your content: once somebody interacts with your pin, their followers will see this and may engage with it too, and so on. This makes it an easy and effective way to market your business online and reach new audiences.

Ultimately, whether or not your business should join Pinterest depends on two unique factors:

  • Firstly, will you be able to create unique and eye-catching pins? As with any social media platform, you need to make sure that the content you’re uploading as a company is as good quality as possible for optimal performance. If you’re not much of a visual based company with your content, and your main focus is blog posts and articles relying on stock imagery, maybe Pinterest isn’t for you just yet.
  • Secondly, consider whether you think your target audience is on Pinterest. When deciding this factor, refer back to Pinterests’ user demographic and your business objectives. Will it be beneficial for your company to be on this specific platform, or will you end up pinning into the void?

Now that you’re clued up on all that is Pinterest, will your business be pinning any time soon?