Our Process

Discover how our proprietary Antenna framework gives us the flexibility to deliver ROI in the shortest time and lowest cost possible.

Introducing ANTENNA

Our proprietary advanced framework for rapid and efficient delivery of scalable entrepreneurial marketing services.

What is Antenna?

Everybody has a "system". In our experience these tend to be great for the agency but sometimes not so much for you, the client, if your needs happen to not fit into the system.

That's why we spent years building and refining our own flexible framework that enables us to de-risk your investment and get to ROI quickly, and then scale rapidly. It empowers us to consistently deliver impressive results for any type of business that wants to grow fast.

It's not magic, it's just an approach born out of our many years of experience across both marketing and startups. We refer to it as entrepreneurial marketing.


Convert and Collect
  • Conversion Optimization. Whether your ultimate conversion is an eCommerce transaction or a phonecall, we work tirelessly to ensure the stability and efficiency of your conversion points are maxed out.
  • Data collection. We design and implement robust 360-degree data measurement pathways that allow us to extract insights and feed algorithms, essential for performance at every level.
  • Growth readiness. We ensure you are ready for growth before launching any initiative, through higher-level business analysis and smart growth planning, cutting off any potential overwhelm at source.


Learn and Innovate
  • Performance Analysis. Using a combination of A.I.-driven technology and highly experienced human intelligence to extract new ideas and learnings that inform creative strategy.
  • Creative Ideation. Drawing on data from performance and experiments as well as the brightest creative minds in the industry, we design and test creatives to push your brand's message while iteratively improving conversion effectiveness.
  • Business Insight. Marketing cannot exist in a vacuum. Just as we insist on receiving high-level business strategy information from our clients, so do we constantly provide valuable insight from the industry you operate in, which in turn informs both business and marketing strategy.

Core Services

Grow with Confidence

There are two ways to work with us:

  • Executive Advisory. We act as your in-house Chief Marketing Officer, allocating a highly experienced director from our in-house team to work with your executive team on marketing strategy and growth planning.
  • Marketing Execution. Outsource your entire marketing function or leverage our specific expertise to augment your in-house marketing team, either on individual campaigns or on-going retainer basis.

Our hiring philosophy differs from most agencies, in that we work mostly with experienced freelancers overseen by multi-disciplinary senior permanent team members. Our vetted database and recruitment process give us the flexibility to bring in specific expertise on short notice as and when required.

Supporting Services

Trust through Collaboration

Our clients often come to us asking for help sourcing additional services that are beyond our core services. Because they trust us and know our capabilities, we make it part of our offering to act as either introducer or liaison to other agencies that we know and trust who can complement our offering as part of a broader business or marketing strategy. We do this in two ways:

  • Partnerships. We talk to other complementary agencies on a regular basis and have a defined process for trialling their offerings in situations where we don't already know them intimately.
  • TEchnology Solutions. As a tech-forward agency we are always roaming the cutting edge of the technology scene, both discovering and trying out new solutions constantly. We pass our discoveries on to our clients where we feel there is an opportunity for them to gain an edge in some way.

Building your slice

When we start working with a new client, we start by doing a deep dive on their goals and current growth readiness. From there we align the various components in each wheel of our system to create a unique integrated offering that will exactly fit the specific requirements.

The best part? The wheel can be rotated at any time, on any level, to adapt strategies as our collaboration progresses.